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Accepted to WA State Summer Con!

1/26/2020: imkime Shop's application has been accepted! The convention will be on June 20-21, Sat & Sun!! More details will be provided as the date draws near. We hope to see you there!

Current Project

1/19/20: Working on making a coloring book of STICKERS!!!! Here's a photo of a mockup! References: pencils - wood notebook - crayons - marker -


1/17/20: Just ordered this sticker sheet from Stickermule! I can't wait to receive them!!!

Glitter Enamel Pins

1/15/20: I just ordered 100 glitter enamel pins from Monterey Company!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THEM! The current ship date by them is Feb. 25! Excite!! You can pre-order these on my Etsy store by clicking on the image!

GeekGirlCon 2019

11/16/19: This was our first tabling and it was at GGC 2019! It was so awesome meeting our supporters and seeing new people. The experience was wonderful and I hope we will be able to attend again! We really loved our time there.

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